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As I’ve mentioned before, my stats show where readers live — allegedly. But in reality, the towns listed are often as far as 300 miles away from where you sit with your computer. (For instance, I show up as Willow Grove, a suburb that’s 16 miles away.)

But I love the names. Do any of you actually live in Wappingers Falls, New York? Grants Pass, Oregon? Mustang, Oklahoma? Waterloo, Wisconsin? Azalia, Michigan? (Or Cumming, Georgia, a name that always reminds me of the porn stash I once found when I was a baby sitter.)

23 thoughts on “Where You’re At

  1. I don’t live in any where so creatively named. Actually in East Rockhill, Bucks Co. but the post office lists me as Perkasie.

  2. Actually it’s Bend, Oregon, at the earliest crossing of the Deschutes River. Smack dab in the middle of the state a hundred or so miles by crow Northeast of Grants Pass, where my Grandmother was born, and fifty miles North of our friend The Grumpy Forester’s abode (he’ll share that if he wishes).

    But you knew that…

  3. This is funny. I lived in Cumming, Ga. just over 20 years ago before it became a suburb of Atlanta. Back then it was a nice little rural backwater with little excitement other than the KKK meeting near my house.

  4. ahhh cumming ga. jan 1987 big protest. 25,000 people showed up the weekend after rev sharpton was pelted with rocks. i was there. tried to get wendy burgers after the march and were chased out by guys in sheets with shotguns under their white robes. cumming is probably an incubator for tea baggers. well for that matter so is where i live now. i havent seen a person of color in years. everyone here is white. hard to believe places like this still exist.

  5. @annmarie–thanks for reminding me of the year. I was there during all of that too and I remember that Oprah came down to do a live broadcast from Cumming during all of the turmoil.

  6. annmarie & tommy harper:
    The march and protest to which you guys are referring was organized by the late Hosea Williams precisely because there were no blacks allowed in the Forsythe County area, which of course includes Cumming. Hosea was the person dodging rocks—it was all over tv—-because Rev. Sharpton was not anywhere around at the time. Just saying.

  7. I was at the march in Cumming that year. Not only the “robes” chasing folks out but all law enforcement, includung game wardens. “Best to be out of town before dark.” Also the home of Junior Samples from “Hee-Haw.”

  8. dandy, this is part of what Howard Dean was talking about last night. He said that progress seems so painfully slow now, but when he looks back from when we started, it gives him the optimism to keep going. He said there was no way anyone he went to college with (including his two black roommates) who would believe we’d ever have a black president.

  9. I know where Mora is, mora less. Doesn’t Mora have that old creamery building?
    Ashland, WI, for me. When I’m not in Superior.
    Is Obey running now? Again? Still? He’s running against a local boy, Sean Duffy, so there’s a million signs up for him. Kind of shocks me, considering I’m in the heart of college country.

  10. I went to a very sadistic summer camp in (or very near) Wappingers Falls.

    Susie, will that software display a map of your readers?

  11. does Pittsford, Michigan show up? It is in Hillsdale County (famous for its bastion of winger thought-Hillsdale College.

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