2 thoughts on “Coal Ash

  1. I just googled coal ash + Obama — and just glancing at the topics is depressing. And disappointing.

    Didn’t he promise to do something about regulating and controlling coal ash?

    Obama keeping coal ash locations secret – U.S. news – Environment …Jun 12, 2009 … The Obama administration has decided to keep secret the locations of nearly four dozen coal ash storage sites that pose a threat to people …
    http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/31327223/…/us_news-environment/ – Cached – Similar

    Coal ash first real test of Obama commitment to health and safety …Jan 20, 2010 … A critical test of the Obama Administration’s commitment to reviving the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is teeing up at the White …
    http://www.grist.org/…/2010-01-20-coal-ash-first-real-test-of-obama-commitment-to-health – Cached

    Obama EPA punts on coal ash regulations « Coal TattooMay 4, 2010 … Obama EPA punts on coal ash regulations. May 4, 2010 by Ken Ward Jr. apcoalash2. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency officials just …
    blogs.wvgazette.com/coaltattoo/…/obama-epa-punts-on-coal-ash-regulations/ – Cached

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