The Smell of Benzene In The Morning

Seems to me they should be saying no one was injured “yet,” because being exposed to massive quantities of benzene hurt someone — we just don’t yet know who, or how, since cancer doesn’t grow overnight:

WASHINGTON—The Environmental Protection Agency said it is investigating the release of certain chemicals, including benzene, a known carcinogen, at a BP PLC plant in Texas.

In a written statement Thursday, the agency said it has asked the British oil giant to disclose what steps it took in response to an April 6 incident at the facility that “resulted in the flaring of chemicals that could have reasonably resulted in a catastrophic release of a hazardous air pollutant.”

A spokesman for the agency said the incident involves the release of 500,000 pounds of various chemicals, including roughly 17,000 pounds of benzene. The spokesman added that no one was injured in the incident.