This is the fault of the Professional Left

It’s time, I’m coming clean and taking responsibility. It’s my fault. And, seriously, what isn’t?

Did you read this? Or this? Or this? Totally the fault of progressive bloggers and liberal activists, me included, for complaining about Democratic policies and the behavior of the Obama administration.

Because all Democratic and liberal-leaning voters totally read our blogs or ask us personally before deciding whether the government is making their lives better and reflecting their values. All of them. We’re that powerful.

Kneel before Zod, m@f&ers.

5 thoughts on “This is the fault of the Professional Left

  1. Wow, who knew I was a familiar of someone so influential? Or that I was so simple minded not to realize I’m being repeatedly kicked in teeth without someone smart to point it out to me.

  2. Oh, great guru! Please tell us what to think now, now that the Peace Laureate has failed us. #@ck it, I’m going to mix a drink and head down to Mexico with Joe Bageant.

  3. Well, at least We The People in the “Professional Left” aren’t in the Tea Potty.

    The Republican Tea Potty is one crappy right-wing movement, with the Tea Potty filled to overflowing with racists, religious bigots, bad spellers, fear-mongerers, and funded through slush funds provided by flush right-wing billionaires, who would just as soon flush all the Tea Potty members as look at them.

    In the Republican Tea Potty floats everyone at Faux News, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, all of them floating in the Tea Potty, along with Flush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, Joe Miller, Christine O’Donnell, Sharon Angle, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, all of them floating in the putrid Tea Potty crapper.

    And come November, the Tea Potty “floaters” should be flushed along with the Tea Potty Republican’s pledge to destroy America. Down the Tea Potty crapper, into the sewer where they belong!!!!

  4. Ya know Suze, my head stops hurting when i realize how much bullshit folks like you wade through to get to the truth. I really can’t handle much more of it whether it’s dem or rethuig bullshit. If you believe in a higher power, then may you be blessed forever!

  5. Good to see you’re accepting responsibility. You’re on your way to recovery, truth, beauty and oneness with the one. No doubt you’ll meet Rahm there.

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