3 thoughts on “Dog Dreams

  1. I hadn’t really listened to The Story until the last album, by which time it was Jonatha solo, but the resultant musical crush made me go back to the older stuff, and I found “Dog Dreams” (albeit a live version on an album called “Christine Lavin Presents: Big Times in a Small Town — The Vineyard Tapes” which also has Cheryl Wheeler and Patty Larkin on it, btw), and it made me smile all day. Ever seen Jonatha live? I was lucky enough to see her at Cafe Largo in L.A.–a *small* room–and she’s amazing.

  2. Those specific few years were amazing for an outpouring of great women singer-songwriters. Shawn Colvin, the aforementioned Patty and Cheryl, and bunches of others.

    Did you know that Jonatha did the theme song for the latest in late lamented Joss Whedon shows, Dollhouse? It’s beautiful.

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