12 thoughts on “Signs of Autumn

  1. My brother helped me make a shelter for some stray cats in my neighborhood. It’s not fancy, but a few of them will be out of the weather.

  2. Another wool blanket on the bed. And trying to ignore that my hands and feet are cold and why on earth that would be.

  3. I’m letting the warmth in the house from the sun stay by not leaving windows open at night as much. Except the bedroom where I have to have it cool to sle

    Today, it’s 86 outside, bright sun, so I have things open and will close windows as the sun lowers, try to keep the heat in. Tonight, supposed to go down to 49. Now, that is getting cool….

    And rainy weather beginning Sunday into Wednesday.

    Soon I must cut down the flowers in the front lawn (it became a wild flower meadow when I was in the hospital for 30 days in the height of summer — absolutely beautiful when I got back: shades of pink and white phlox, Queen Anne’s lace, black eyed Susans, few roses. Now, the QA’s lace are drying out, phlox getting white with mildew and just a few flowers still blooming, the Susans about over, but what I call foam flowers are mixed with the goldenrod.

    Still interesting, but not breathtakingly beautiful.

    And all must be cut down as I have to have a dying maple cut down. At no small cost, alas.

  4. It went up to the 80’s today in my neck of the woods, and I AM sweating in T shirt and shorts.

  5. Me too, leoinaugust! It’s very hot here in the Village of Montgomery, NY. I’m heading out to do some transplanting, but phew!

  6. FALL??????????? WAHHHHHHHHH……at 7pm tonite i was in St Petersburg Fl, it was 89 degrees, we had just seen the Peter Max show (including Peter himself) in a room full of dirty fucking hippy millionaires (i thought of you Susie and your punching the hippie quote) and we were driving our blue convertible VW bug out of town watching the sunset. its sweltering hot here. i am going to have to come up there if i am going to experience fall.

  7. Last night was the balmiest one I’ve ever experienced in San Francisco — maybe because the SF Opera was broadcasting Aida to the ballpark (for free!), and ordered up some suitably Egyptian weather. 32,000 purportedly attended, or 35,000 if you counted the paying customers at the opera house.

    Today, 91 degrees were predicted for San Jose, and it sure felt like it.

    Not braggin’, just sayin’.

  8. Spent the day with St. Marks Episcopal on the Duke East Campus in Durham. The annual Pride Parade and Festival was in full bloom in 98 degree weather. Noticed the most virulent demonstrators were missing this year; which lowered the entertainment value. We suspect they have morphed into tea baggers and will most likely return next year.
    Next week, long pants as I attend my 50th reunion at Camden Catholic High. It better be cold in new Jersey.

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