Fighting Back

I am really happy about Grayson’s aggressive campaign. How refreshing to see a Democrat stand up to the forces of extremism, and use it against them, proving that Democrats in conservative areas don’t have to play that Blue Dog game.

Reward good behavior here:

Democrats across the country are pawing around in the dark, searching for any way to flick a switch and end the political nightmare for incumbents that is 2010. A searing ad against Florida Republican Dan Webster has the challenger reeling and local media focusing attention on his extreme political positions, and it may serve to show a path forward for other Democrats facing challengers with views far outside the mainstream.

Republican operatives acknowledge that’s the case in Alan Grayson’s Orlando district, where the party faithful nominated former state senate majority leader Dan Webster, backed by religious extremists who push the revisionist view that America was founded as a Christian nation.

In an effort to highlight his more extreme views, Grayson, no slave to the concept of subtlety, has dubbed his opponent “Taliban Dan” in a recently released ad. It’s not the kind of centrist positioning that a Washington consultant might recommend, but judging by the response from local media, it’s working.

A WKMG reporter told Orlando television audiences, in a coup for Grayson: “Yes, Webster is opposed to all abortions, even for victims of rape and incest, an issue he doesn’t want to talk about.”

The reporter then proved his assertion by showing a damning clip of Webster refusing to answer a question from the reporter on the subject. Watch the clip of Webster stonewalling a reporter: