One thought on “Intergalactic Hippies

  1. Having suspended unbelief in many metaphysical matters–does Goddess, God, Allah exist, and fairly certain a historical person now known as Jesus lived and gave rise to ethical system respected by even Thomas Jefferson–nevertheless do take with great weight words transcribed of astronauts on sitings of UFO’s.

    They ain’t hippies but highly trained professionals pilots who survived with keen observational skills.

    Even though born in ’58 and id with Summer of Love hippies, I hate hippies of now, like gaggle seen near THE U’ of Central FL with sign saying, “Need any help; going to a rave,” when driving to Autotrader telemarketing job, trying to survive before getting my paltry disability check.

    Our galaxy may exist as universe within a black hole in another universe. Maybe in that other universe, Pres. Cheney has an actual human soul. That would explain a lot.

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