Mr. President, have pity on the working man…

Dear White House advisors,

There is a crazy assumption in recent comments from both Mr. Biden and the president that seem to indicate they think progressives want the Democrats to lose. I’d say that’s a pretty insignificant number in the online community.

Mostly, we get mad because we think the administration is blowing it.

The biggest problem with the base isn’t what they read on blogs. It’s that they’re out of work (and out of unemployment checks), they STILL can’t afford to see a doctor and that won’t change for another four years, and they don’t see anyone addressing their present circumstances — right here, right now.

The other day, I found a lump on my neck. I’m unemployed, no insurance, I live off donations from my readers. I’m not eligible for Medicaid or food stamps — because I have just enough donations in my bank account to cover next month’s rent and bills, making me ineligible. So I’m supposed to show up at the city clinic at 7 a.m. and wait in line with the junkies, hoping I’m one of the people without appointments who will get in that day. (I did get an appointment, but not until November.)

Does no one there get this? People are asking for help and instead they’re being told to shut up, sit down and be grateful. For what? For the person who has two degrees and is on food stamps for the first time in his 50s? For realizing we’ll probably never have real jobs, with real benefits, again?

And even worse, for knowing you can’t in good conscience urge your kids to go to college, since there’s a reasonable chance they won’t ever get a good enough job to cover the loan payments.

Why does no one in the administration seem to understand the despair of ordinary people? If you want them to have hope, give them something to hope for. Announce that the Democrats will add another retroactive tier of unemployment benefits. Figure out some sort of bridge program where people will be able to get medical care — let the 55s and older buy into Medicare until the new law kicks in. Something tangible, something that will offer them some immediate relief.

This “buck up” stuff? It’s just plain stupid. Who is it aimed at, and what do they think it will accomplish?

Just Another DFH

UPDATE: Or maybe, as Jane says, this is really about protecting Obama from the blame for massive mid-term losses.

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  1. Did anyone come across of the president going on record saying, ‘the government can’t create jobs?’

    With these sorts of moves, it’s hard to figure out whether the president is so ideologically and rigidly right of center that he can’t think straight, or whether he and his team are just that fucking stupid.

  2. Fu@k Obama. The country was his to lose and he lost it.
    I’d rather just deal with the devils I know than the devils who claim to be my friend around election time.
    I’ve been punked by these feckless retards from Chicago.
    Never again.

  3. Obama has presented an (unfunded) initiative, or maybe goal is the better word, to make the U.S. once again the highest educated country on the planet.
    A. this overworks already overtaxed university budgets, and B. it condemns an even larger group of young citizens to joining the military, to pay their college loans.
    Just sayin’. Look at this set-up.
    Who was it that made the quip about Bush talking about the young people as the country’s greatest resource, and look what gets done to resources?

  4. Did anyone come across of the president going on record saying, ‘the government can’t create jobs?’

    It’s true.

    The government simply cannot create jobs.. At least permanent jobs…


    The government CAN create the environment whereas the private sector CAN create jobs..

    Obama’s refusal to do this is at the heart of the economic crisis…


  5. A gig at Halliburton isn’t a permanent job? How about Xe — former Blackwater? Not permanent jobs?

    And forget permanent — what’s wrong with the government just directly hiring or funding the hiring of people just for the fuck of it — just as a temporary solution to hold-over individuals and the larger economy til things stabilize, like was done during the depression?

    That the president lets such right tripe fall out of his mouth so unexamined is wild to me.

  6. Anonymous..

    And who pays the employees that the government hires??

    You and I do in the form of taxes.

    The only way to create jobs is for the government to create a stable economy so that the private sector feels comfortable in expanding their business and hiring new employees..

    To date, the Obama administration refuses to create a stable economy.


  7. Hey, Susie, I’m in line with you at the clinic. I’m not now, nor have I ever been, a junkie. Not long ago, I was gainfully employed. But I got old and, I guess, relatively expensive. So now I’m in line at the clinic. And, by the way, you’d better be there by 6:30 a.m. if you want to get in.

  8. i would be very happy to spend an extra few thousand in taxes to get european style socialism.

    and how do we create a stable economy? by having a portion of the country – the rich and rich corporations pay more taxes.

    i wish the tea party assholes would get the fuck off this site.

  9. Actually, the government CAN create jobs — in fact, both the Executive and Legislative branches have such power. FDR did it to the tune of thousands of positions. Can anyone honestly say that we don’t need more food inspectors, or civil rights attorneys (hey, the department in which I want to work has hundreds of cases and an attorney who can only designate .20 of his time to prosecuting these cases.) During the Depression, people were freakin’ hired to document cemeteries… I think Obama could employ tens of thousands in the cause of finding more affordable and safe alternative energy sources — surveys of every metro area for urban solar farms is a great start…

  10. When high numbers of people are unemployed, the government can and should be the employer of last resort. FDR did it. I grew up using the parks, picnic shelters, paths and steps built by the WPA. When we picnicked in those parks, my parents would occasionally mention the role of the WPA — and they were Republicans.

    They’re still there, of course, for citizens to use and enjoy.

    Now, as MBW wrote, we have many, many jobs which need doing, for the good of the nation and the public. Why not just do, Mr. Prez?

  11. somegirl,

    and how do we create a stable economy? by having a portion of the country – the rich and rich corporations pay more taxes.

    I am not an economist by any stretch of the imagination.

    But look at things logically..

    It is the rich and rich corporations that start/run the businesses that expand and hire new employees. If those businesses are taxed more (either as a business or personally) then there is less money to expand and hire new employees.

    Ergo, high unemployment..

    I have never read any study that indicates there is a correlation between high taxes and the stability of an economy.

    I have, however, seen much evidence and credible evidence in the last 4 years to show that when businesses believe they are going to be taxed more heavily, then such beliefs destabilizes an economy.

    While “robbing from the rich and giving to the poor” is a romantic sentiment, it doesn’t take into account the reality that it is the rich in the here and now that will be the ones who take us out of this recession.

    The rich and their businesses only needs an incentive to do so. Demonizing them, while playing nicely to the base, doesn’t do much as an incentive.


  12. MBW & Jawbone,

    There are two problems with your proposal.

    1. Any temporary benefit from the massive GOV JOBS program will be mitigated by the thunderous crash when those temporary jobs evaporate. Look at what happened to unemployment figures when all the temp Census jobs ceased.

    A GOV JOBS program is a bandaid. A bandaid that, when ripped off, hurts a lot worse and causes a lot more damage than the initial wound..

    2. Who is going to pay all these hundreds of thousands of new employees?? Just print up some more money and pay them with that?? As I point out above, I am not an economist by ANY stretch of the description.. But even I know that the Government just can’t print money to pay for the shiny new ideas it has.

    So, where is the money to pay all these employees for their shiny new job??

    I’ll tell you. It will come from taxes levied on businesses who are floundering already. It will cause those businesses to let go employees because they have more taxes and can’t afford both taxes and employees.. These let go employees must in turn, go for the shiny new Government Temp job which will, in turn, increase payroll for those jobs which will, in turn, require MORE taxes…

    And, when those temp jobs end, then we will have massive unemployment, no businesses left to hire anyone back because they have been taxed into bankruptcy and our economy will be completely and utterly in the toilet..

    I have had a couple successful businesses.. One rule that my brother pounded into my head over and over again.

    If you are in a financial hole, the FIRST thing you MUST do is…. STOP DIGGING..

    The Obama Administration has not only NOT stopped digging, but they have brought in heavy equipment to dig deeper and dig faster.


  13. Michale — you are an ASS. Companies and the richest 2% have had their lower f**king taxes for close to 10 YEARS now; they are awash in cash they can’t seem to spend or invest. And unemployment gets worse. People have run out benefits, they will run out any savings they have,. they spend any retirement money they can get out of accounts, they will be scavenging their homes to see if they have any thing they can sell. People CANNOT drive demand because they have NO money to SPEND. Houses will be foreclosed and people evicted from apartments. Where do we live? Where do we get money to eat? Can I move in with you and your family?
    (Susie, if you decide later to delete this comment I will understand, but that troll (used in the sense of underground evil spirit) just hit the wrong buttons.)

  14. MBW — I like your ideas very much. They would provide stability and give people the ability to be productive and contribute to the economy again.

  15. PurpleGirl,

    This is why emotionalism just make things worse.. It is this sort of emotionalism that has led us into this crisis…

    Let me ask you something. And I ask that you consider it calmly and rationally.

    What is the purpose of people going into business? Do they go into business to better enrich their fellow man?? Of course not.

    If that was the goal, they wouldn’t go into business, they would go into philanthropy..

    The purpose of business is to make money. Regardless of your personal feelings, making money is not an evil thing. I made 2.8 million dollars one year because I provided a product that millions of people wanted.. Am I Satan incarnate because of that??

    Of course not…

    The problem you have is you think that business should be more concerned about the welfare of their fellow citizens than of making a profit..


    You see the world thru this myopic version of reality where everyone SHOULD be kind and SHOULD be nice and SHOULD give to their fellow human being before themselves… That’s not reality.. That’s utopia.

    And it doesn’t exist..

    You speak of emotionalism and I do understand that. I really do…

    The difference between you and I is that you confuse the emotions with reality and I see the reality as it is..

    And the reality is, businesses not Government, creates jobs.

    And jobs, permanent jobs, is what brings about a stable economy..

    This is the reality, whether or not you refuse to see it or admit it.

    You want to demonize business and the free market, but it is the only thing that can bring this economy back.

    If you want someone to rail against and bitch at… Bitch at the people who thought it would be a grand idea to bailout this economy and continue this sort of economic model. I was against such bailouts from the start.. I was on record as saying, let the damn thing fail.. Let the whole economy collapse and then… AND ONLY THEN… would we be able to rebuild an economy that was fair and rational and above all else, logical…

    But noooooooo… The politicians had to further their own agendas and line their own pockets and continue this abortion they call an economy…

    So now we are here and we have to make do with what YOUR Democrats and the Republicans have given us…


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