One thought on “All War

  1. Oh, indeed, indeedy deed.

    And Obama thinks that by serving the MOTU’s and Uberwealthy, he, as an excellent servant, will be able to join their ranks. And the presidency is one of few route which open up the board memberships and insider tips to someone not born to that class nor initially earning his or her way to uberwealthy levels.

    And he’s climbing there on the backs of the regular people — those well below the top 1%, and far from the top 10 or even 20%.

    He believes those with money and power are inherently wiser (“savvy businessmen”) and more deserving (meritocracy + aristocracy equals…where he wants to be), thus he may talk about serving all people, but he realizes it’s “wiser” to serve the the Uppers.

    Great Disconnect, indeed.

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