Looking to rebuild my poor withered blogroll that got lost in the transition. What do you recommend that would be of interest to SG readers? Of course, I reserve the right to ignore your recommendations.

17 thoughts on “Links

  1. I was going to suggest Ian Welsh, but then I glanced down one post and saw you’re already on it.

  2. Well Suze, looks like you’ve just run outa something to do—-ain’tcha busy enough already? Oh well, Field Negro is kewl if you want my 2 cents.

  3. Driftglass. Uggabugga. Making Light. Steve Audio. Bad Attitudes. Charlie Pierce’s new blog at Esquire– I don’t even know its name yet!

    There were a bunch of blogs I used to read daily that have kinda fallen off my radar. Since Firedoglake became a progressive Borg, for instance, I go there mainly for Tbogg.

  4. Alicublog, wtf is it now?, shakespeare’s sister, americablog, booman tribune, skippy, atrios, tbogg

  5. Oops! I see you have the link under “Washington Monthly” – I was looking for “Political Animal” and didn’t see it.

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