3 thoughts on “Widening

  1. Two points:

    So now, ORDINARY burglars only need an official-looking paper ostensibly from a morgage-service company to walk free? What could possibly go wrong?

    Didn’t FL pass a law recently that allows people to shoot and kill intruders, with very little in the way of restriction?

  2. i was just going to say what sarki said: florida indeed has castle laws, which allow you to shoot first and ask questions later. reading about this makes me more sympathetic to them.

  3. Local NYC FOX TV news (this morning? I couldn’t sleep, so my time frame is mixed up a bit) had a very brief segment on about stocks, the economy, and closed with mention of the foreclosure freezes.

    The cheery Wall Street analyst/reporter said not to worry. While foreclosures would be slowed down and people not in foreclosure might not be able to sell their houses for as high a price as they wanted — because the freeze would keep the huge backlog of foreclosed houses weighing down prices — it was only until the banks — being ever so diligent! folks, really!— could dot their i’s and cross their t’s.

    Folks, it’s not at all like the banks did anything wrong by not having the paperwork or titles, that kind of silly detai,l when they told the courts they did have them. Everyone knows the banks own your homes, so get over it.

    Once those i’s and t’s are taken care of, wheeeeeee! Foreclosures will go lickety split, the backlog will be brought down, and prices will once again begin to bubble up –er, make that– houses will regain their value and begin to increase in price once again….

    No mention of any of those pesky title problems, even for people not facing foreclosure but just wanting to, oh, move or sell for whatever reason….

    See? Those banksters have done nothing wrong, nothing to worry you little heads about. And sure as hell don’t vote for any atty generals who might or have brought suit –or, heaven forefend, seek indictments!– against your ever so honest and really, really diligent abouty details bankers, all over such teensy, unimportant details as who has the papers for your mortgage!

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