6 thoughts on “Fan boy

  1. Maybe you missed this part of Goldberg’s article, a part Goldberg seemed to try to bury as deep as he could:

    “He [Iott] added that he has participated in re-enactments as a Civil War Union infantryman, a World War I dough boy and World War II American infantryman and paratrooper.”

    Have you ever seen a Civil War re-enactment? Someone has to be on the Confederate side. Would you hold that against someone?

    By the way, are liberals so desperate that they have to resort to smearing a conservative candidate about this just to win elections?

  2. Not too terribly long ago, a couple or three months, some of these freaks declared they would visit The High Desert looking for a new “homeland”. I suggested we welcome them with a parade… dress up as clowns (discretely armed, of course, this is after all “The Frontier”) and dance around blowing whistles and banging on bongos as they march the three or four blocks called “downtown”…

    They didn’t show up.

    Above “sin”, I have no problem casting the first stone.

  3. susie:

    “Oh, lighten up. Like Republicans wouldn’t have hopped all over this if he was a Democrat?”

    Show me where it has happened.

  4. You mean, like when the Republicans introduced a resolution condemning Move On because ONE PERSON entered a contest with a video implying parallels between Bush and Hitler — and all the Democrats voted for it? You mean like that?

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