Talking heads

Watching Chris Matthews with well-known CIA asset/disinformation disseminator Bob Woodward and Mrs. Alan Greenspan. Topics include Hillary Clinton (who can trust her, and isn’t she really running?) and Sarah Palin (isn’t she silly?).

No mention of crushing unemployment, a useless war that’s bleeding us dry, and economic policies that are literally killing us.

Apparently so high up on Maslow’s triangle that it doesn’t even occur to them to talk about these depressing things.

Oh well, maybe next week!

One thought on “Talking heads

  1. You know I love your blog Suze, but what’s so really fucking depressing about the leaderless political arena, along with the gutless liars on teevee—-and, I’m not blaming you, of course—-is the depressing fact that no one, either in the media or political arena will tell the truth for the good of our once-great country. Now, that’s the fucking truth!

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