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  1. It’s an amazing drama. Those men are literally reborn from their hard rock tomb.
    Interesting that they’re chanting “CHILE, CHILE, CHILE!” even as the drilling equipment was designed and operated by actual US Americans.
    Too bad our government doesn’t care about Americans like the Chilean government cares about their miners.

  2. What struck me is that the mine in Chile was privately owned, and the company did not have the funds for this kind of rescue mission. The Chilean government has managed the rescue, and, I assume, put up the money to bring in three (count’em, three) teams of rescue drillers.

    Good for the US company for doing a fantastic job, rescuing these miners far ahead of the initial projections of it possibly taking until December.

    Now, there are some Repubs, especially the somewhat simplistic Tea Partiers and their favored canddates, who want to run the nation like a family budget. And going into debt, for just about anything, is against their beliefs.

    Would these types of politicians take on a rescue mission of this size and cost for 37 of our miners trapped that far underground? Or would they say we should let the Magic Hand of the Market work its magic..or whatever? Can’t do debt you know, can’t borrow beyond our means, ya know.

    There was a neophyte Repub House candidate for an Upstate NY district on WNYC’s Brian Lehrer Show yesterday and all she could say was cut, cut, cut (not what, of course) and we must think of the sovereign government’s budget and borrowing powers, with its fiat currency powers, as being just like family budget which must be met or we’ll be kicked out of their home/country.

    I wanted to ask her if she would fund poorhouses and debtors’ prisons for all the people who will lose their jobs and their homes under her economic regime, The host did not ask that.

    Today I would have asked if she would have voted to borrow money to fund a rescue mission if 37 US miners were trapped that way.


    The Repub was Nan Hayworth, running in NY’s 19th district; here’s the audio, but mostly she just spews Repub talking points.

  3. Can we remember how to say “American Nationalism”? Nope, didn’t think so. We ‘sold’ or gave away our American ‘pride’ to the Chinese. And, would someone remind me for what?

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