Back to business

I wonder who’s going to verify that paperwork:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Bank of America plans to resume foreclosures on more than 100,000 homes in 23 states next week, saying Monday it has a legal right to seize them.

Bank of America Corp., the country’s largest bank, began halting foreclosures on Oct. 2 amid questions of faulty paperwork.

The company on Monday said it plans to resubmit documents with new signatures in states that require a judge’s approval to restart the foreclosure process.

It will continue delaying foreclosures in 27 states that do not require a judge’s approval.

The entire process will result in fewer than 30,000 foreclosures being delayed, the company said.

The company’s initial assessment shows that “the basis for our foreclosure decisions is accurate,” said Dan Frahm, a Bank of America spokesman.

2 thoughts on “Back to business

  1. Off topic on something I saw on tee-vee, Suze.

    So here’s Obama campaigning with his wife for the first time since he got elected, and he makes this REALLY STUPID comment after she finishes speaking: (something like) “How about Mrs. Obama, isn’t she cute?” So, I said to myself, this bastard could give a cowboy’s shit about the regular everyday issues we’re concerned about. He’s more concerned about low-balling his wife in front of thousands: “Cute” is a nice word for monkey’s, so I’m told by my own wife. (Ok now, yes, Mrs. Obama’s black, so let’s not go THERE, that’s not what I meant by the comment.)

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