Head game

As my former boyfriend once explained to the very depressed players at a baseball tournament after they’d lost two out of the first three games, that’s really a wash and today was really only the first game of a five-game series.

So the Phillies are only down by one and that’s how they need to approach it.

3 thoughts on “Head game

  1. I hear ya Susie. And that’s the way you’ve got to think about it…so keep your chin up. But I’m a Buckeye who recently moved to the SF Bay Area. My Bucks lost their number one ranking last weekend and now my Giants are up against the awesome/powerful/big time Phillies. I’m hanging by a thread here. So I say “You guys are down two. Might as well just quit.”

  2. Childhood Phils fan, 42 year Giants fan. Either I’m hopelessly torn or I can’t lose. Such a dilemma!

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