Fox News, hostile to black employees? Who’d a thunk it?

Fox News is facing a lawsuit from a former technician who alleges that while at the network, he faced “daily abuse, fear and humiliation” from other employees because of his race, and when he eventually complained, he was fired.

One instance occurred during the 2008 presidential campaign. According to the complaint filed by Harmeen Jones, 32, who is African-American, two of his coworkers said in front of him that they wouldn’t feel comfortable having a black president. Jones alleges that one of the men looked at him, saw he was uncomfortable and said, “[A]m I offending your blackness?”

Another example came during the health care debate, when he and his co-workers were working in the “intake room” with screens showing footage from a tea party rally. “[T]his is what happens when you mess with white people’s health care,” one of the men allegedly told Jones.

5 thoughts on “Discrimination

  1. And yet a Black President can hold a “Blacks Only” presser and can appeal solely to Blacks and Hispanics and can say, “Blacks don’t really watch Meet The Press” and no one from the Left says “boo” about it…

    Funny how that is, iddn’t it…


  2. Yeah, racism is alive and still causing problems for ignorant humanity. One would think we’d have learned by now, but it’s beginning to become clear that humans are too stupid to survive, continually making all the wrong decisions based on illogical, unethical, greed-driven, mindless, careless, and senseless ideas.
    “Religious” people are the worst offenders of their own dictates, most governments are corrupt, and financial people in most countries are continually engaged in fraud – are just some examples of this “too stupid to survive” idea in the “modern” era, indicating we haven’t learned much since the Dark Ages.

  3. Tom,

    I wish I had a counter point to argue…

    Alas, I can find no fault with your assessment…

    It would be nice to say that something earth shattering like First Contact, would snap humans out of their funk..

    But, we’de probably find a way to frak that up too… :^/


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