Goes off the deep end when Evil Puppetmaster George Soros (who will secretly pay for my cut, color and mani-pedi, not to mention a new car and complete wardrobe, ’cause he loves him some liberals!) donates $1M to the equally evil Media Matters.

You have to watch the videos, he’s really nuts. To say he preaches non-violence shows such a remarkable lack of self-awareness, I only wish Carl Jung was alive to hear. Here’s my favorite:

2 thoughts on “Beckster

  1. I just heard that NPR just terminated Juan Williams. OMG! The Liberal Media is supressing another brave voice crying in the wilderness! Watch out, Beck, we’re coming for you next!

  2. I just couldn’t watch it to the end.
    Beck is such a smarmy, manipulative hypocrite. He’s the biggest phony among all the politcal commentators.

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