UPDATE: He’s been identified to the cops as Mike Pezzano, a Tea Party activist.

I hope the cops arrest this guy. What is it about even the mildest opposition that sends right wingers over the edge?

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB Fox 41) — Outside the Conway-Paul debate, a Rand Paul supporter pulled the woman’s blonde wig off and stomped on her head. She was representing the liberal organization and claimed to be presenting Paul with an award from RepubliCorp. That’s a group created by that focuses on what it calls the merger between corporate America and the Republican Party.

“I’m here to present Rand Paul with the ‘Employee of the Month’ award, however his supporters were not very nice to me and my message which is same as everyone else. I got my head stepped on and I have a bit of a headache,” said Lauren Valle,

The woman denied police were involved, but right afterwards officers pulled her aside to question her about the incident.

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  1. I fully and completely condemn this depraved act of violence…

    However, I am constrained that it is no different than the violent assaults committed by the Left against the Right…

    Don’t get me wrong.. I absolutely despise the “Yea, but….” defense and I am in NO WAY employing such a defense against this indefensible act of violence..

    I am just pointing out that there are those from the Left side of the political spectrum that also commits perverse acts of violence such as this.

    And yet, there is only the sounds of the crickets chirping from the Left when such acts occur.

    I know that everyone here condemns all acts of violence, regardless of who commits them and regardless of who is the target…

    However, such is not the case with the general Left-wing activist..

    To be fair, the same is true of the general Right-wing activist..

    Which simply re-enforces what I have always said.. When it gets down to it, there really isn’t much difference between the Left and the Right…

    “Your good and your evil use the same methods to achieve the same goals.”
    -Yarnek, STAR TREK, The Savage Curtain


  2. Michale, would you please give proof of lefty violence that is equivalent to the incident Susie brought to our attention with this video? The guy who did the stomping should be in jail. The rest of them should be brought up on various assault charges. All those men and one woman and you’re really going to defend them, Michale? I hope that is not your intention.

  3. Babba,

    As I said.. My intent was not to defend ANY act of violence, least of all this depraved example. I am full and complete agreement with you regarding what should be done with those sad sorry examples of Homo Sapein…

    My point was that there are many acts of violence that has occurred throughout the last 50 years from the Left…. Many of these acts have actually been applauded by those on the Left…

    Does the name Ayers mean anything to you??

    As far as recent examples… The shooting at a GOP headquarters office, the death threats against GOP CongressCritters, the bombings and hoax bombings of Military Recruitment Centers, etc etc… The list goes on and on..

    Yea, I know.. Your response will be, “Well, those aren’t REAL acts of violence..” But they are…

    Such mitigation is exactly my point… Generally speaking, the Left tends to mitigate or pooh-pooh away violence committed from the Left and hysterically scream and yell when violence is committed by the Right…

    Such is the manner that political ideologues operate…

    If one looks at these kinds of acts with the cold light of objectivity and logic, the inherent hypocrisy becomes crystal clear…


  4. Just writing to inform you that your post is not factual. While Mike Pezzano was involved in the incident, it was a second person who “stomped” her head. Additionally, the woman was charging Rand Paul. The men were responding to screams of “stop that women!”. I belive they acted quickly to stop her from attacking Paul as she ran full speed toward him. I don’t agree with the violence that unfolded, nor do I agree with the political views of the tea party. I’m just stating the facts, which are are not correct in the initial post.

  5. From what I understand, the woman has been to other Rand Paul events and those men know her and knew she was no real threat to Paul.

  6. Melissa,

    Do you have a link? I am not doubting your word whatsoever. I just would like to learn the facts too…


    If the facts are as Melissa states, than there is obviously more to the story.. Regardless of whether or not those men knew her, if she acted as related above, then the entire episode must be viewed in an entirely different light…

    If I may relay a personal experience..

    I was an Air Force cop stationed at Vandenberg AFB during the Left wing Anti-MX Missile protests at Vandenberg. 18 days of 12 on 12 off.. Grrrrrrr….

    Anyways, I was working the front lines at the Main Gate. Our job was not to make any arrests. We had teams for that. We were simply to hold the line and make sure no protesters slipped by us.

    I recall one incident where an arrest team had a protester face down on the ground and was trying to cuff her. She is screaming about how much pain she is in and how much it hurts, while photographers and news crews were happily filming away and documenting all the “brutality”. This protester was a wiry one and actually got away from the arrest team. As soon as she got away, she was giggling and laughing and all the other protesters were cheering her that she escaped..

    Guess how many film crews and photographers covered her giggling and laughing??? None. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

    So, you see, things are not always as they appear..

    If the facts are as Melissa puts forth, then what we see in the article is a legitimate use of force.

    Looks like I even jumped the gun when it came to condemning the act…


  7. Sounds like a Lefty went looking to make a scene and succeeded. Like those who show up trying to arrest Karl Rove or some such lunacy. Or those Leftys who attended Tea Party rallies and made crude racist remarks…

    Or, if you prefer, like those Rightys who show up at a Harry Reid gathering looking to make a scene…

    I am in NO WAY condoning such activities, but what the hell did she think would happen??

    If you stick your hand in a fire, your gonna get burned..


  8. She wasn’t there to exercise her right to free speech.. She was there to cause a disruption.

    Irregardless of that, it’s much the same thing when SEIU thugs prevented people from exercising their right to free speech at Tea Party rallies.

    Much the same thing when yours truly gets banned from other blogs {{{cough}}} Cesca {{{cough}}} Oink {{{cough}}} for exercising my rights to free speech.. 😀

    Free speech is all well and good… But the right to swing one’s arms ends where someone else’s nose begins..


  9. Free speech does not entitle you to say whatever you want at anyone else’s blog. It means you are free to state whatever you like on your OWN blog. You getting banned isn’t a violation of your rights.

  10. Susie,

    Fair enough..

    Yet, if you look at the Rand Paul rally as a “blog” then doesn’t the same sort of reasoning apply??

    Towhit, it is assumed that it was my intention to disrupt at Cesca’s and Oink’s blog. Therefore I was banned from those blogs… But my rights were not infringed because it was assumed I was there to disrupt, rather than to exchange ideas and discussions.. At least, that’s the prevailing theory… It’s inaccurate, but such inaccuracy is not relevant to my central point here..

    That point being that if it’s OK to stifle someone’s free speech in a blog why is it NOT OK to stifle someone’s free speech at a rally??


  11. This is why people call you a troll: Because you make invalid comparisons to bait people into an argument. It doesn’t add a damned thing to anyone’s knowledge.

    A blog is not public property. Anyone who wants can read it, but I can delete or ban people from making comments. It’s my domain, my space.

    The Rand attack happened prior to a debate with both candidates taking part. It is typically a time when both candidates get their supporters to rally outside the venue, generally trying to outshout each other, hold up their signs, etc. — but since the Rand people have probably never been involved in politics before, they saw perfectly normal and acceptable opposition behavior through the lens of paranoia and hostility, and reacted accordingly.

  12. Susie,

    This is why people call you a troll: Because you make invalid comparisons to bait people into an argument. It doesn’t add a damned thing to anyone’s knowledge.

    Ignoring for the moment that my comparisons are perfectly valid I must point out, with the utmost of respect, that making invalid comparisons is not the definition of a troll. It may be the definition of an arrogant prick, but it is not the definition of a troll… 😀

    Further, the comparison is perfectly valid.. People create public places that others can come and gather and converse and debate and discuss..

    While it might be perfectly within the rights of the creator of the place to pick and choose who gets to “speak” and who doesn’t, that does not change the fact that the creator is stifling opinions and speech that said creator doesn’t agree with…

    Much like it’s perfectly within the rights of some loon in Florida to burn a Koran, that doesn’t make it the right thing to do…

    I am not defending the alleged attack against this employee..

    I am simply saying that she knew what could happen if she tried to voice her opinion within a group that would not look favorably upon said opinion..

    Just as I knew that I could be banned if I stated opinions that were contrary to the “echo chamber” of the afore mentioned blogs…

    Stifling Freedom Of Expression is stifling Freedom Of Expression… Regardless of whether or not the stifler has the right to do so or not…

    In the case of this employee, the better course of action for the Rand Paul supporters would have been to discuss and debate the differing of opinion and show, thru logic and civil discourse, who is right and who is wrong… Obviously, that didn’t happen.. The Rand Paul supporters decided to use violence to remove the employee from the discussion..

    In my example of being banned, the same thing happened.. Rather than refute my claims that logically and rationally made, the creator of the blog decided to ban (comparable to the violent removal of the employee) me. Even more egregious, the creator over at Oink made a ludicrous argument in response to my post and then banned me before I could point out the utter fallacy of his argument.. I mean, seriously.. That is the epitome of immaturity…

    But, this isn’t about me…. It’s about a double standard…

    It’s about how the Left (and the Right, to be fair) insist on total and complete freedom of speech and expression….

    But ONLY if such speech and expression adheres to a certain ideology…

    As I have mentioned many times before, here at SG this is not the case… is another excellent blog that also allows freedom of expression without any Stormtrooper/Empire type tactics…

    Stifling Freedom Of Expression is stifling Freedom Of Expression…

    Regardless of WHICH side of the political spectrum it comes from.. And ALL such stifling should be roundly condemned…


  13. JB,

    Of course not. I am just very eloquent when I explain my position. 😀

    But which links and cites would you like to see??? About the Oink ban?? The loon in Florida wanting to burn a Koran?? What??


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