Political thuggery

This video was taken outside a public event for Eric Cantor. It’s so great that police officers have added responsibility for maintaining a criticism-free environment for Republicans!

This video was taken by the son of the man being subdued. He took it with his cellphone. This man was asked to leave the Solid Grounds Coffeehouse in Louisa, Virginia, at a public event for Eric Cantor. The man was sitting at a table waiting for Cantor to arrive. Then police asked him to leave and, when they got him outside, they arrested him, after an excessive amount of force, as you can see in the video. They came back and arrested the person who videotaped the incident, even though he was on a public sidewalk. They did not arrest, but gave a citation to, a woman with a small child.

The video shows the officers subduing the man, cuffing him, and then another policeman racing in and knocking the man to the ground.
Apparently, the event was only for Republicans although it was advertised as open to the public and the man on the ground had an invitation. Democrats had “Waugh for Congress signs” outside. They, too, were cleared out of a public sidewalk and forced to go across the street with their signs.