I wait with bated breath for an assistant U.S. Attorney to go on talk shows and call for indictments. Oh wait, they’re white Republicans, right?

In Wake County, N.C., elections officials have received a couple dozen complaints about intimidating Republican poll watchers at early voting locations.

The offending observers have reportedly stood behind the registration table (where they’re not allowed) and taken pictures of the license plates of voters using curbside voting (also illegal), according to the director of the Wake County elections board. In other cases, director Cherie Poucher said, it’s been a matter of voters finding normal, legal observing activities intimidating.

The observers who’ve caused problems are all Republicans, Poucher said; the Democratic Party hasn’t submitted a list of registered poll watchers yet, but is expected to do so today.

As in every election, Republicans have raised the alarm of voter fraud, leading some to worry that overzealous poll watchers, intent on preventing fraud, may intimidate eligible voters.

In cases of poll watchers breaking election law, elections officials have taken the observers aside and explained to them the rules. It’s a time-consuming process, Poucher said, and one that often has to be repeated when new inexperienced observers show up the next day.

Poucher explained the situation as enthusiastic observers being “unclear” on election law. “I think they got a lot of misinformation at whatever training they had,” she said, adding that her office was getting more complaints than usual. “When you get a lot of new people involved in the process, they don’t really understand the process.”

The county Republican Party, which did not immediately respond to questions from TPM, told the News Observer that Republican U.S. House candidate Bill Randall recruited the poll watchers.

The North Carolina GOP has had other problems this year training poll watchers. According to local reports, a Republican board of elections official in Pamlico County created a training video for poll watchers. The video was so rife with errors that the state board of elections asked the state Republican Party not to allow the use of the video in any training programs.

5 thoughts on “Morons

  1. {{{cough}}} {{{cough}}} New Black Panther Party {{cough}}{cough}

    ’nuff said…


  2. Susie,

    Yes, one WAS indicted..

    Then the Obama DOJ thru out all the charges against ALL the defendants…

    Believe me, I have studied the NBPP case intricately, from a variety of sources…

    All the information could not shake the feeling that, if it had been a couple of rednecks in cammies and one had a baseball bat, the Obama DOJ’s reaction would have been completely different…

    It’s obvious to anyone with an objective viewpoint that this case was decided on the basis of the race of the defendants. Nothing more…


  3. And as a right-wing ex-cop, yours is the objective viewpoint? See, this is why people call you a troll. It’s your “feeling”? You think I haven’t looked at all the details of this case? I don’t have the time or the inclination to deal with this point by point, and clearly you don’t bother to do any real research. Again, troll behavior.

    And I suppose the very conservative woman on that panel who said the assistant U.S. attorney was only making the accusation for political reasons was just blowing smoke out her ass.

  4. Actually, with the exception of a three or four issues, I am probably the most liberal one here.. 😀

    I don’t have the time or the inclination to deal with this point by point, and clearly you don’t bother to do any real research. Again, troll behavior.

    Usually when someone says that, it’s because they don’t have a valid argument. 😀

    Again, let me ask you one question.. If the case had been against three white guys belonging to Ayran Nation and one had a baseball bat, do you think the case would have gone the exact same way??

    Of course not. The Left would have screamed “VOTER INTIMIDATION!!!!” to the high heavens and the Obama DOJ would have been seeking jail time for all the accused…

    That is not trolling, that is simply an accurate projection based on past history and the facts…

    This is NOT my position. This is the position of several within the DOJ who are privy to the FACTS of the issue. This is the position of people who have received awards from BLACK organizations for the diligence in pursuing voter fraud and voter intimidation..

    In other words, this is the position of people who’s reputations are above reproach…

    Do you HONESTLY believe that the Obama Administration is above this sort of thing???

    The facts show different…


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