Just pretend everything’s fine

Via Digby, more on the Gulf disaster:

The reappearance of huge plumes of oil is making it hard to pretend that it has all gone away.

Here’s a roundup of some of the Gulf oil headlines from just the last 4 days:

5 thoughts on “Just pretend everything’s fine

  1. I read that earlier today on Digby’s site and I simply despaired. But I’ll still vote for Dems. Except Steny Hoyer. I haven’t voted for him in years. I may write myself in this year. But I cannot vote for him. Barbara Mikulski is much easier to vote for. She hasn’t set the world on fire, but she usually votes in ways that don’t irritate me too much. I’m lucky with her and Ben Cardin. But I really wish our government would stop giving Halliburton contracts. It’s mind boggling that we continue to do so. And it’s mind boggling that my Senators don’t make a bigger deal about that by canceling ALL contracts with them. It’s mind boggling that Obama is allowing this to continue. It’s very frustrating to be more liberal or progressive than the people who represent you in DC and yet my reps are considered uber liberal! Go figure. 🙁

  2. 1. Digby’s quoting from Naked Capitalism on Thursday (though it’s always good when the political bloggers link to the econobloggers). Here’s the complete link.

    2. Why is it “mind-boggling that Obama has allowed this to continue”? It looks like business as usual to me.

  3. lambert strether, it is mind boggling that Obama has allowed this to continue because he was the hope and change candidate. He was supposed to be different and all. 🙁 I never expected miracles. I just wanted noticeably different stuff. Like denying bad corporations contracts with the federal government. But I guess that’s too much to ask. 🙁

  4. Humm, yo,…….Babba, have you been away, you know, like on Mars or somewhere like that? Yep, it’s “mindboggling” for sure that Obama has “allowed” this to continue, I’m just wondering if this mindbogglingfication is just now coming on your radar, or, are you someone from another country, or, maybe another planet, or umm, another galaxy………….maybe, I dunno………………….!

  5. Hey Dandy, kiss my ass.

    I was being sarcastic and ironic and shit. I’m not the idiot you think I am. Jeebus jumpin’ on a pogo stick. Seriously, kiss my ass.

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