PA turnout

From the Sestak campaign. If there’s heavy turnout in PA, that’s usually good news for the Dems:

Early reports from around the state indicate that voter turnout is running higher than expected as Pennsylvanians pick a new governor and U.S. Senator.

One poll watcher in the small Pittsburgh-area borough of Economy said Tuesday he’s seeing strong turnout, while the Morning Call of Allentown reported above normal interest in several Lehigh Valley wards.

Roger Kowal, a Democratic committee member in Economy, says 370 people had voted by noon in a single polling station, a surprisingly strong showing.

The Morning Call cited a Bethlehem district judge of elections, Craig Hynes, as calling turnout above normal with 66 voters before 7:45 a.m.

Gregory Spearman, a ward leader in heavily African American west Philadelphia, says turnout is pretty good in the two districts from which he had reports. [WCAU,]


“It was a busy morning here at Ward 9, Division 6. That’s the library here in Chestnut Hill. They had a line of voters waiting for them to open at 7 o’clock this morning. … a strong turnout for an off-year election like this. We’re hearing similar descriptions across the city … strong turnouts in Center City, strong turnouts in Germantown, Wynnefield, and South Philadelphia as well.” [WPVI,]

South Philadelphia:

Turnout is “surprisingly high.” [Huffington Post,]

59th Ward in Germantown, Philadelphia:

“My sense is people are coming out to vote. … In good numbers. … It’s a steady stream of folks.” [WPVI,]


Lines Greet Eager Voters On Election Day

“One election judge in Shaler Township told Channel 4 Action News he was surprised at how long the lines were and that people were waiting at the front door before the polls opened.” [WTAE,]

Lehigh Valley:

Voter Turnout Running Higher Than Expected

“Voter turnout is reportedly higher than normal, shocking polls workers across the Lehigh Valley area … the judge of elections, was seeing high interest in voting already a few minutes after polls opened at 7 a.m.” [Morning Call,,0,6807746.story]

A “Dramatic Increase in the Number of Voters” — 3 Times the Norm

Wards 10 & 11: “Both wards say they are seeing a dramatic increase in the number of voters they usually see before noon … Another indication of how many voters, and the increase the wards are seeing … is the church bake sale. They usually have about three tables and it takes all day to sell them. Well, I tell ya what they are down to a table now. No worries, more cupcakes are coming.” [WFMZ,]


“Turnout was already ahead of normal. … High turnout in the city is normally a good sign for Dems.” []

Chester County:

“So far 200 voters in West Chester on campus. Larger than expected poll workers say.” [Dan Malloy, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

So far, turnout in heavily-populated Delaware County is light, which means the Republican machine is not turning out the vote. Will that last all day? We’ll see.

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