3 thoughts on “Well, didja?

  1. I haven’t begun to turn back the various clocks yet. However, Time-Warner Cable is very efficient when it comes to sending the reset signal to their cable boxes. And Windows, also, has reset the computer clock display. I’m (re)set for the day.

  2. I’m ok with the clocks which get set for me: Atomic clocks in the kitchen and bedroom, cable connected clocks, and, yes, my PC. Plus the clocks which are supposed to be reset automatically via signal sent over cable but don’t “take,” ever. Have to find the directions for those puppies.

    Now, that leaves the stove, microwave, living room clock, outdoor clock, bathroom, indoor/outdoor temp clocks (time to replace batteries for the winter; I didn’t reset the clocks after the last battery change…), basement clock, and watches, with all their varying ways of changing settings (why is there no international standard???). oh, clock in the car.

  3. We didn’t but we have an atomic clock in the bedroom but we also have large number digital clock that we’re more dependent on so we didn’t realize the time changed until we noticed the atomic clock. We have changed the large number clock but we still need to do the microwave, coffee maker, my neon clock in the living room and the car.

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