Give it a break

There are a lot of reasons to despise the Bush family, but this isn’t one of them. If you miscarried at home, your doctor would want to see the fetal remains to make sure you didn’t retain anything, putting you at high risk for infection.

Back then, in many states, if you miscarried, you were required by law to bring the remains to the hospital — to prove you hadn’t tried to give yourself an abortion.

So just this once, let’s cut Barbara Bush some slack.

8 thoughts on “Give it a break

  1. Thank you for your common sense on this topic. You probably educated a few people about the medical practice in these situations back then.

  2. Back when I was in middle and high school I was a candy striper (volunteer) in our hospital. My assignment was working admissions near the ER. One day a woman and her husband came in and she was to meet up with her doctor so we processed her for admission to the hospital. The whole time she held a brown paper bag. I was going to take her to her room and when she sat in the wheelchair I asked if she would like me to hold the bag. She said no, thank you. Later on I learned she had miscarried and the bag held a container with fetal remains.

  3. ok…i tried………..i just cant.

    you dont show your teenage son your fetus you miscarried, in a jar. maybe you wrap it up in a blankey, show some respect for the dead baby you think it is instead of the mass of tissue that yes…..belongs in a jar. i mean is it your baby brother or is it medical waste? i think this is child abuse. and yeah i thought she had a beautiful mind? she is as sick as the rest of the family. maybe the sickest. in fact things are finally starting to make some sense now.

  4. I’m with ann marie. Ugly cow acted as she probably always has, ugly son shot off a mouth that should have stayed silent.

  5. I’m with ann marie too. Some things are just too personal to be shared that way, with my teenage son. Hell, I wouldn’t even want to look at my dead miscarried baby/fetus in a jar. As a mom, I would use some common sense and just say I had a miscarrage and end it at that.

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