Reader and contributer K lives in northern Wisconsin, and is a little worried about the weather:

And then there’s the weather. International Falls, the icebox of the nation (and inspiration for Frostbite Falls), had a record high temperature of 64 degrees yesterday. I think we hit 58 here in Superior today, but we have the moderating lake effect going on. I think there were more heating-degree days in June than there have been this month.

It’s just wrong, and everybody here knows it. The air today felt like it did the day before that weather bomb two weeks ago. I went to school with a light sweater on over a short-sleeved shirt, cotton socks and mesh-toed runners, and couldn’t shake the feeling of wrong.

But really, she shouldn’t worry — because the Republicans won and that means there’s no such thing as global warming! So you can all relax now.

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  1. The Deniers will continue their charade until Mother Earth decides to just kick all of our asses off her turf, so to speak.

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