7 thoughts on “Retroactive bailout

  1. And hell would also be unleashed if they don’t do this. I mean, if the government and the banks were to admit that most mortgages are worthless, that their books are propped up by fraudulent fiat paper, that laws in place since the Magna Carta are no longer valid, I expect there would be some blowback as well.

    Either way we’re screwed.

  2. I don’t think “all hell” is the term. I think maybe “some heck” and “gosh darn it” will be about the limit, and then off to the press conferences and cocktail parties.

    “Well, I know this much. The rule of law has left here and the [Suburban] guerrillas have taken over.” – Spencer Tracy in Bad Day at Black Rock.

  3. It’s already too late in Pennsylvania– the Superior Court pretty much retroactively legalized a whole lot of MERS nonsense in a case about a year ago. (In a case where the assignment of mortgage to the bank wasn’t made until after the foreclosure had already begun.)

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