Fox, meet henhouse

This is beyond bizarre.

And of course, the conservative comeback is, “Why should the government be in charge of what you put into your mouth?”

Because when a widely available and popular substance is specifically engineered to make you crave more, that’s creating an addictive process and people in general aren’t good at overcoming their addictions. I mean, was anyone surprised when it turned out that tobacco companies were upping the nicotine content to keep you hooked?

4 thoughts on “Fox, meet henhouse

  1. Food-agra giants have already been doing this in the US for decades. That’s why we have high fructose corn syrup in everything. Funny you should use the “fox and henhouse” metaphor, Susie, because there are chicken farmers who are allergic to all antibiotics (because their chickens are saturated in them, from birth to slaughterhouse). At least Europeans have signs in their supermarkets, telling them which products have been genetically engineered. Such helpful notification is not required here by the industry-dominated FDA. Worse, it is illegal for supermarkets to label the shelves for certain products as “genetically modified,” as has been held by various lawsuits against them by food producers here. But hey, who am I to challenge the free speech rights of Monsanto and ConAgra? Obvious some progressive islamofascist…

  2. That made me laugh out loud.

    I was going back and forth with a woman on a forum. She said something like, “My God tells me what to believe.” I answered back, “My god makes me think for myself.”

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