So I’m reading this book

The main character is attending Catholic grade school in Rhode Island, and he’s describing the chicken a la king in the lunchroom.

I didn’t know Catholic grade schools had lunchrooms, or hot meals. We all went home for lunch.

Maybe it was different in other parts of the country, but this little glitch is annoying me, and making me question the author’s credibility. Anyone have a clue?

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  1. I’m with Sara; or so it was in the mid ’50s into the late ’60s in NYC (Staten Island). The lunches in grade school however, were atrocious.

  2. My Catholic grade school in central Illinois had a lunchroom and served hot lunch during my time there. And that was mid-’50s to mid-’60s.

    Kids, also, had the option to bring a sack lunch or, if they lived close by, to walk home for lunch.

  3. Holy Spirit Elementary School
    Cathedral High School
    in central MN, early 60’s to early 70’s.
    Hot lunch served at both. At the elementary school some kids who lived nearby went home for lunch.

  4. Public school in Hawaii – 60s and 70s -25 cent hot lunch (menu provided monthly) and in the early grades, juice break in the morning.

  5. St. John’s Elementary, Vincennes Indiana – early 60’s.
    We had a cafeteria don’t recall what the prices were.

  6. If everyone walked there, your school probably didn’t need a cafeteria. At St. Mary’s Elementary & Central Catholic High School, OHIO, a lot of kids came by bus. We got a hot lunch for 50 cents in the 70’s. But I envied the kids who could go home or brown bag it.

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