Got an absolutely scrumptious loaf at the farmer’s market today. I just cut it up into chunks and put it in the freezer in anticipation of my favorite winter lunch: split pea soup with ham, with a nice buttered chunk of hearty pumpernickel to dunk into the soap.

Somewhere, my Polish ancestors are smiling.

2 thoughts on “Pumpernickel

  1. Ah. Buttered Pumpernickel bread… so good. Years ad years ago, when I was a small child I loved it when my grandfather would give me a slice of buttered pumpernickel. It is one of the very few things I remember about him.

  2. Pumpernickel was never from elsewhere than from Westphalia around Muenster in Germany. What I saw in USA has nothing to do with Pumpernickel. Pumpernickel does not contain more than rye and water. No form of sugar, salt, wheat, flour has anything to search in Pumpernickel. Real Pumpernickel is produced in Westphalia since around 500 years without any change in recipe. Look at Google!

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