6 thoughts on “Deep thought

  1. Everyone, make sure you see (or see again) “When Harry met Sally”.

    “Ohhh…ooo….OHHH…a little higher..Ohh yeah God Yeah please YEAH BABY! AHHHHH!”

  2. i know a number of people on facebook who say they do exactly this.
    I like Jeffrey Goldbrg’s suggestion: if you’re a guy, wear a kilt with no underpants, make them grope you in public.

    As for me, I am MORE than willing to get naked in front of everyone at the airport, and to groan in erotic pleasure.

  3. Make sure to be super pleasant and polite, and thank the TSA agent for a pleasant experience. “Honey, that was WONDERFUL!”

    Complement them on their professionalism: “Wow, you’re a real PRO!”

    THIS is one area where our transgendered allies could really make a difference, btw.

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