What’s for lunch

I made a fabulous stew last night for dinner. It’s really easy to cut down on meat when you cook it with the classic stew ingredients: Potatoes, carrots, onions. (I added a healthy slug of my best friend’s homemade ketchup, too.) I also want to put a plug in for my small cast-iron Dutch oven, which is perfect for stew. Now I’m heating the whole thing up again for lunch:

7 thoughts on “What’s for lunch

  1. My cast iron dutch oven is my very favoritist kitchen tool. It cooks everything perfectly. Both my kid and my father covet it, and both know that they can pry it out of my cold dead hands and not before.

    After the holiday nonsense, the ham bone will go into the cast iron dutch oven along with a mess of northern beans and a little green chile. I’ll make some cornbread and invite my dad over for the feast.

  2. Ooh, more food photos, please!

    Alas, this wouldn’t work for me, at least with potatoes as filler. I’d need to substitute something a bit less verboten on the diabetic scale, maybe sweet potatoes or something.

  3. I haven’t yet summoned the courage to bake my own bread, but I do make my own cornbread (Fannie Farmer’s recipe) in a cast iron skillet. Makes the outside nice and brown and crispy, while the insides stay moist and tender.

    Screw Thanksgiving. I want beans and cornbread now.

  4. Da————-yuuuuumy!!!! Suze, if ya have any extra………..oh, nevermind. Sure looks good for a cold and breezy day here in the Atl.

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