Home again

I’m finally home from Brooklyn. It took four and a half hours to get there, and two and a half to get home. (Snow flurries and sleet for much of the way up. Oh, and I ran into my sister and brother-in-law at one of the Turnpike rest stops, on their way to Long Island for dinner with their daughter’s future in-laws. Small world!)

But the food was incredible. My son made port wine cranberry chutney and the turkey; my daughter-in-law made really good vegan stuffing and fresh string beans in a honey mustard sauce, and they were nice enough to send me home with a whole lot of leftovers. So I’ll be eating well for the next several days.

Oh, and we also watched “Date Night” with Tina Fey and Steve Carrel. Very funny, I loved the two of them together.

How was your Thanksgiving?

2 thoughts on “Home again

  1. It went well. I picked up my 80+ parents, drove them about an hour to my brother and sister in law home, had a superb meal (she’s an excellent cook) -Dad and Bro watched the Patriots (in a game away from home, thankfully since I had to drive past Gillette stadium) and after dropping the parents at their house, I retired by drinking a glass of white wine, with some havarti cheese as a snack, watching “Plymouth Adventure” from the DVR Nice.

  2. Bigfoot cooked an enormous and excellent meal. We used my paternal grandmother’s china for the first time. Daughter was disabled with a cold, and could just barely eat turkey and mashed potatoes, but she did manage to suck down two pieces of pie (I told her that pie was no good when you’re sick, and that I should eat her pie for her. Her response? Oh hell no. Children these days).
    No tv, no politics. I did manage a few inches of knitting on the sweater I promised myself I would have done for my birthday – a month and a half ago.

    Tips? Roasted brussels sprouts, and turnips and carrots mashed together. New traditions, starting yesterday.

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