3 thoughts on “Wrong

  1. I’m unimpressed. Especially by this:

    Well, two reasons [I supported Social Security privatization.] The first was a matter of courtesy and optimism: I always try to give a newly elected President the benefit of the doubt. This is especially difficult — and all the more necessary — when it’s a re-elected President whose policies seem misguided. I had written column after column about the bloody futility of Bush’s war in Iraq — and don’t get me started about the demonstrably foolish supply-side philosophy that spawned his tax cuts. Still, he was going to be my President for the next four years; my fellow citizens, and many of my readers, had voted him in.

    Here, he explains exactly why his columns are worthless and why he has zero integrity. These are the words of a miserable toady who’s more interested in being popular than in doing his homework and writing something thoughtful and of value. Ideas and policies are either right or wrong–but Klein’s concern is weighing their popularity so that he’ll have “access” and be invited to play with the kool kids.

  2. Meh. Too little, too late, and he still believes in privatizing education and social services (he camouflages this by calling it ‘giving poor people choices’). There was plenty of evidence during the Bush years that privatizing social security was an awful idea, and there’s plenty of evidence now that privatizing education and social services are awful ideas.

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