2 thoughts on “What a shitty president

  1. Used to be that even losing in an avalanche a Democratic candidate could count on carrying his home state and the D.C.

    I doubt that happens in 2012.

    Oh, he might carry Manchuria since he seems to be their candidate.

    I’ll bet that by the 2014 elections the Greens get more votes than the Dems.

    From now on – as I did in the 2010 election – I will only vote for candidates/parties who put real people ahead of corporate persons, and who want to get us out of a state of perpetual war.

    It’s very clear that the Dems will never have those two conditions as priorities.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m running late for my drug test.

  2. [My greatest worry with Barack Obama when he ran in 2008 was that if he won, he would not really be ready to govern. While he has great talent, desire, and intellect, he entered the job with little real experience. As is now clear, my concerns were well-placed, for he is still learning on the job, and he has yet to realize his great potential. Experience is needed not merely because the job is difficult and complex, but also due to the nature of the contemporary presidency.

    There has been a pattern in recent history that goes as follows: We elect a conspicuously-able president and he does not magically cure all the nation’s ills (for instance, Bill Clinton). Then, we elect a new president (for instance, George W. Bush) who is not so able, and who not only fails to solve all the problems before him, but also creates new problems. What no one seems to notice, in this pattern, is that the able presidents spend most of their time cleaning up the mess of their predecessors who were not so able. Thus, in dumbing the office down, we are creating a legacy of increasing the unsolved problems that call for presidential attention.]

    OK, guess can stop tilting at windmills and supporting Allan Grayson and can send you my cripple’s mite for the month.

    Wassamatter, your hippie punching fundraising ain’t still producing revenue?

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