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  1. In both of my phone calls yesterday (to be followed by letters today), I made the point first that SS was not a cause of the deficit and that the only tweaking it might need is removing the cap. And I squarely put the blame for the deficit on two illegal and expensive wars and on the Bush tax cuts for the top 2% of wealth holders. I told the person who I spoke with at my Congressman’s office that the day was not only my birthday but also the 2nd anniversary of becoming unemployed. (Yes, losing my job was a “gift” for my birthday.) She wished me luck and I responded that what I needed was a job, an income or the return of UI benefits. (I never did get Senator Schumer’s office on the phone.)

  2. If President Obama proposes to adopt any of the recommendations on Social Security, I will work with anyone who wants to primary him and make sure he is a one-term president. And that goes for any Democrat who agrees with him. A commenter at FDL mentioned a rally in D.C. for December 16th. Do you know anything about this? Shouldn’t there also be simultaneous rallies in other cities for people who can’t get to D.C.?

  3. <a href="http://firedoglake.com/Jane has announced votes and some thoughts on others. I figured Durbin was liberal enough to vote no, but too committed to Obama to be able to do so….

    •Bowles: YES
    •Simpson: YES
    •Rivlin: YES (Damn!)
    •Gregg: LEAN YES (WNYC reported he is firm Yes)
    •Cote: YES
    •Conrad: YES
    •Durbin: LEAN YES
    •Ryan: NO
    •Hensarling: LEAN NO
    •Becerra: LEAN NO
    •Spratt: NON-COMMITTAL
    •Schakowsky: NO
    •Fudge: YES
    •Coburn: NON-COMMITTAL
    Baucus is not at the meeting — “dealing with taxes.”

    She appears to be updating as news comes in and has list of differences for original co-chairs’ plan to the new one.

    I’m scared. Scary to have to depend on Repubs to get this to fail. Of course, that vote count is why Obama packed his Obama/Peterson Cat Food Commission with Austerians and deficit hawks.

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