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  1. Nice to have this resource (damn, you’re good at catching the good stuff).

    Mitchell linked to NYTimes’ blog The Lede’s timeline of various WikiLeaks stories, and this day’s has info on the pressure brought to bear on Amazon (to drop hosting WikiLeaks) and a graphics development company, Tableau (to stop letting WL use their chart templates).

    Uh oh.

    Shades of internet pressures to come without real Net Neutrality??? We know what the big corporations want to do with any control they can get; now are we seeing what the government will be doing to stifle inconvenient truths?

  2. I used The Lede’s search function to see whether online only reports are covered, but couldn’t find mention of Gareth Porter’s article on how the NYTimes handled –and edited– some of the cables — like leaving out really important info the better to reinforce our government’s stand that Iran has special missiles…. Hhhmmm.

    Vastleft posted at Corrente about Arthur’s take on this at Power of Narrative. This is like the run up to the Iraq invasion: Yes, the NYTimes does reporting, but with certain emphasis — or not, some elisions — or not, depending on going along with the PTB. And underscores what NYTimes editor Bill Keller told the BBC. (Which I believe Susie posted — it’s about 2/3rd’s of the way down, but whole post is worth reading.)

    PTB — Powers That Be

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