3 thoughts on “Child abusers

  1. The irony is, the school lunch program was started when the military had to reject a lot of potential draftees because of issues resulting from malnutrition — rickets, for one, I’d guess.

    When people complain that school lunches aren’t always very healthy, my response is that the health problems brought about by eating too much cheese and not enough fruits and vegetables don’t surface until you’re way past the age the army wants you, so the original purpose of the school lunch program is still being fulfilled.

  2. I’ve despised Kate O’Bierne for ten years, ever since she accused Bill Clinton’s deceased mother of being a bar fly and a floozy and far inferior as a mother to Barbara Bush.

  3. Ha ! No birth control or abortions for you. You need to keep having children, and we don’t give a rats ass whether you can afford to care or feed them after they are born. That’s your problem. If they die of starvation, at least they got born. Now, let me grab my bible, cross, and go picket/terrorize the local Planned Parenthood Clinic. What is WRONG with these people ????

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