!@#$% Mercury retro

It starts Friday, but we’re in the shadow phase, where shit starts to happen. And what could be more classically Mercury retro, communication-gone-awry than losing your goddamned cell phone, which is my primary means of organization? Not just phone numbers but emails and appointments… grrr.

I was running errands downtown, I checked at every single place we were. Nothing.

So I had it shut off and bought a used one on ebay last night, which should be here by Wednesday. But I’ll be very cranky until then.

7 thoughts on “!@#$% Mercury retro

  1. What a coincidence – I was at my upstate cabin this weekend and left my g-d cell phone up there! Of course, I remembered the charger, but not the phone! Oh well, now I have a good reason to find the money to go back up sooner than planned (for Christmas maybe). I will kiss up a prayer for you to find yours ASAP!

  2. Suze, can you provide any brief tips on what else to be wary of during this period? Misplacing one’s cell is a bitch to deal with—-my heart goes out to you.

  3. If you have anything you can back up (phone, computer), do it. Don’t buy any new electronics during this time, they will probably have to go back to the store. Watch out for more miscommunications: “Meet you on 5th street at 4 p.m.” when you meant to say “4th st. at 5 p.m.”

    And finally, people from the past. Unfinished business coming up again, things like that.

  4. My kid called me about an hour ago. “Mom, your cell phone is turned off.” No, I said, it’s not. I took it out of my purse and realized that the battery had died.

    So this is going to be cell-phone retrograde?

  5. Wait. What? I never new the last retrograde thingee ever ended. Actually this last month was the worst part of my year; with the election, the worst cold I’ve had in my life, family troubles and relationship issues. Things seem to be straightening out now. Maybe these events provide opportunity as well as calamity???

  6. Yes, absolutely. It’s also a cosmic do-over, that’s why stuff from the past comes up. The annoying stuff happens when it hits a sensitive spot in your chart.

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