3 thoughts on “Breaking news

  1. Whether or not she believed in an afterlife, whatever that idea was, I hope her spirit finds peace and rest.

  2. She knew it was coming and faced it fearlessly, well, maybe not fearlessly, honestly. I remember something she said, after her then husband hugged her and cracked a bone…

    “At least, I know what I’ll die of.” Those may be not her exact words but she really put it on the table, AND began preparing her children to deal with their inevitable loss with talks, letters, and all the rest of it. That’s a great thing, really.

    At some point, her younger children may figure out that their mother took loads of hormones in order to give birth to them, in order to take up the space in her life that the death of her first born
    son left. And those hormones may have caused the godamned breast cancer.

    Jesus, I hope they don’t.

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