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  1. I don’t know about that, Suze. Even with AA support, I just don’t see Obama NOT being challenged in ’12. Yeah, I read all the shit on the Cos site and yes, as an AA myself, there may be some truth to what is being said, and I’m among those in the progressive wing saying it (i.e., Obama has been a major dissapointment in many ways). In my view, he will need a tremendous boost from the AA AND Latino communities real soon if he is to avoid being primaried………….and, as of right now, today, that support just isn’t there! He’s very, very vulnerable IMHO……………..

  2. This is what was so brilliant about the PTB (powers that be) choosing a black corporatist to run for prez as a progressive. Holding him to account can then be used to imply or outright say that whoever, black, white or purple, is criticizing him is racist…self-hating or other hating or whatever it takes to make the party fall apart.

    I predicted that the left AND the MCM would hold Hillary to account. And that the Dems would be unable to stand firm against Obama. That is what happened.

    And while I thought Obama would not do really good stuff, I never dreamed he would be as corporatist as he’s turned out to be. All while being amazingly awkward as a poltician. But, as lambert, keeps saying, don’t let him off the hook as being weak because he’s doing what he wants to do and accomplishing what he wants to accomplish.

    Why is he doing that? All together now: “Because he’s a conservative!”

  3. And, of course, I forgot to mention Obama’s making permanent and extending Bush/Cheney’s executive powe grabsr and destruction of civil liberties.

  4. Let me restate that. I don’t see a serious challenge unless black Democrats turn on him (that is, someone who actually expects to win the nomination). But I don’t rule out a tactical challenge, one designed specifically to push Obama to the left.

  5. Nobody can beat him in the primaries, but he can be harassed and harried and the voters who got duped into voting for him last time will defect in the general. The rats are running from the good ship Obama.
    With challengers from the right and the left to the establishment dems and goopers, anything is possible. I find it fascinating that Obama the neoliberal is doing for the democrats exactly what Dubya the neoconservative did for the republicans: chaos and disintegration.
    Karma’s a biatch!

  6. Indeed, I’ve been thinking for quite awhile that Obama does seem to be doing to Dems something akin to what BushBoy did to the Republicans. And I’m trying to figure out: Who benefits?

    The oligarchs? Who?

    I know that the base of the Dem Party has been hurting for years and is in line for a whole more world of hurt.

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