2 thoughts on “Gas prices

  1. Yup, false bubbles costing real people real bucks and causing real hurt.

    And Obama and his Merry Band of Republicans are ensuring the bubble making will continue by 1) increasing the disposable and gamble-able wealth of the top earners and Uberwealthy and 2) keeping hedgies’ income tax rate at that lovely 15%.

    With money to burn, and so little taxation on that kind of speculation, why not gamble? Play the suckers?

    Just one more of so many ways Obama’s Great Giveaway Compromise with the Republicans dumps on the little people. (And it’s not dumps of dollars falling on us’n down here in lower income land.)

  2. I feel sorta like a little sea crab roaming the bottom of the fucking ocean just waiting for some shit to trickle down to the bottom of the sea; yea, maybe I’ll survive a while longer……………

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