4 thoughts on “Depressed writers

  1. When I was google-searching depression I got to some site that started off with “Welcome to Depression!”
    I started listening to loud Elvis Costello and got a divorce.

  2. RE: Adaptive angle

    Info processing reminds me of an oval track:
    Fast on the straightaways
    Slower around the curves

    Nature knew what she was doing (it takes all kinds).

    Not everything is interesting.
    Exaggerated attentional needs are often met with attention deficits, as they should be.
    Modern life is artificially complex in some instances and artificially oversimplified in others.

  3. Over the course of my life I have been in 5 of the ten jobs listed either formally or effectively: Home care worker for my elderly mom, social worker, teacher, maintenance man, and sales clerk.

    I was surprised to see that my other (former and no more) job, clergy, was not on the list; ministry is very high for burnout and alcoholism. Fortunately I did not become an alcoholic, but several colleagues did.

  4. I think there’s another reason artistic types are known for depression, and it goes something like this: what distinguishes artistic types from everybody else is a vision of something other than consensus reality. All too often, when they try to describe that vision to their family and friends, they’re met with hostility and rejection. Understandably, this bums them out. Some among them are lucky enough to fall in with people who sympathize with their alternative ideas, and even embrace them, and this validates them. Ever wonder why the music of the Summer of Love was so warm and uplifting?

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