5 thoughts on “$9 trillion missing from Fed

  1. Well I’ll just be damned! This woman is about as useless as tits on a bull. Nine Trill missing and she hasn’t a clue; sheesh, I guess there’s just no honor among theives………………..

  2. The banksters rob the homeowner and account holder without a conscience, now why would anyone be surprised when the bankster family of families disappears $9 trillion.

    The trickles that I see coming out doesn’t tell who owns the Federal Reserve and what they guarantee themselves in wages, benefits, bonuses and stock dividends.

    “A little tiny blip in the news, nothing to worry about, Ben. We own the banking affairs committees. We’ve snowed the fools for almost a hundred years, we’ll just lie.”

    Separate but bothering me:

    I still want to know why children are being molested at “terror” prevention points when the Federal Aviation Administration has lost the locations on over 100,000 privately owned plains. What anyone could carry on to a passenger plane is minimal compared to how much one of those missing planes can carry in explosives.

    From the little bit that is skimming across the internet, it appears that the physical locations, the registration, the air worthiness certificates and other required documentation as to the pilot’s health and the limit on weight to fly a private plane in the US is not required for over 1/3 of privately owned aircraft.

    Ah but those dastardly Wilileaks people are spreading like insane flies. Today 100 attacks, next day 20,000 attacks and now they are fracturing into segments. When they start competing for the latest news before the government prints it, then I think they will have been successful. Wish they had gotten the emails that helped pass that thieves bill in Washington giving the rich the equivalent of the full cost of 6,000,000 teachers with pensions and insurance at the rate of $150.000 per teacher.

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