3 thoughts on “Bob Casey

  1. Bob Casey has nothing to worry about. Those right to lifers are almost all republicans and they’re never going to vote for him anyway.

    I actually give Casey fairly high marks when it comes to be reasonable and responsive to his constituents.

  2. One of Casey’s staff was recently extremely helpful to a friend of mine regarding disability. Plus, I get a response back from his office pretty quickly when I e-mail a concern. He’s not perfect, but he’s certainly not Toomey (god help us all).

  3. i also have to give props to casey’s staff.

    i had pretty low hopes for him going in. at the very least he has not fallen below my expectations.

    plus, couldn’t this be seen as good news? if there’s one thing that might peel casey away from his anti-abortion position it’s if a bunch of lifer fanatics start harassing the hell out of him.

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