Yes, I know they give money to evil people. If I only bought things from saints, I’d live in a cell.

Anyway, an actual person from Overstock called me today and wasn’t reading from a script. She said she was sorry I was having so much trouble with my mattress (yes, I’m still sleeping on the couch) and wondered whether I wanted to return it.

I told her I actually love the mattress, these ozone machines were supposed to get rid of the fumes and that I would be quite thrilled if they refunded enough of my money to cover the cost. She said to see if the ozone machine works, and call me back to let her know.

Truly one of the best customer service experiences I’ve ever had!

2 thoughts on “Overstock.com

  1. I hope it works out for you.

    A number of years ago, some caster wheels broke on my home office chair. I did some web research and found what I thought were the same (or very similar) wheels. The company was in CT. I wrote an e-mail to the company and a sales rep answered, asked me some questions about the wheels. I asked if they sold them as replacement parts. We exchanged one more e-mail about my address and a few days later I received a package at work from the sales rep. She had sent me 6 (6!) wheels and didn’t charge me. I wrote her back a very nice e-mail. It sure surprised me.

  2. Oh I know, Overshock.con seemed like such a nice young company. But, you think your mattress was evil, you should see from mine. It had multiple personalities and had to be put down. Somewhere in the local landfill it waits for a future.

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