Looking back

This has really been one sucky decade and I’m glad to see it go. God only knows what this year will be like, though — we’re kicking it off with a solar eclipse on the 4th AND the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, so it should be pretty damned memorable.

I had a lot of stressful, crappy stuff happen in the past ten years, and I’ve decided to wipe most of it from my mental resume. How about you?

3 thoughts on “Looking back

  1. Yeah Suze, I know what you mean: our house was foreclosed on in 04, I had to put my two dogs to sleep (they were both 16-17 yrs. old), my wife damn near died from a poorly conducted surgical procedure (both of us had to do bankruptcies because her insurance wouldn’t pay most of the $600,000 bill), I had a successful spinal replacement surgery (thank God). Oh, and my daughter married a complete idiot who actually tried to kill me (needless to say, we stay as far away from them as we possible! But, on the good side of things, we lucked up on another, nicer home that we can afford and we have our health. But, yeah hopefully the next decade won’t be loaded with so much freakin downers.

  2. I realized I’ve been saying, along with Happy New Year, “Let’s hope it’s better than last year…” for over two decades now.

    Come to think of it, ever since Reagan….

    There was a brief uptick during part of Clinton’s administration, but pesonal issues began going downhill about then.

    I hope people out of work get jobs. But I don’t see Obama doing much to help with that.

  3. Like jawbone, I’ve been hoping each New Year for a better one than the one just ended for a long, long time, but I’ve rarely gotten my wish. Maybe it’ll work better with decades … ?

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