Sustainable marriage and happiness

I thought this quiz was interesting, mostly because I’ve always been of the opinion that you make your own happiness first, or you won’t do anyone else much good. (I feel the same way about parenting: Happy mommy makes a happy baby!) If your primary reason for getting married is because you think your spouse will be a good provider, or a good parent, I don’t think it bodes well for the future. Because where’s your stake?

But that isn’t how most people choose their marriage partners — that is, when they consciously choose at all, instead of sort of passively falling into it, the way I did.

Which reminds me of Stumbling on Happiness by Dan Gilbert, a psychologist whose research is into what makes us happy, and why. What he and his colleagues discovered is that we’re very poor predictors of what makes us happy. (As he points out, even after all his work, he made bad happiness choices, too.) It’s a fascinating book.

I suppose all this is just another way of saying what my mother always used to say: “Thank God for unanswered prayers.” Because they just might have made us miserable!

3 thoughts on “Sustainable marriage and happiness

  1. Oh shit, I keep geting out of line and topics———————but you, SUZE, need to go the book circuit. Shucks, if I had your writing skills, I’d already have my advance on my second book! You are a great writer—-Suze—-with more info and fronts than most of us have in our sleep! Write the books, girl! What are you waiting for?…………………………then, maybe you can donate a little “somthin, somthin” back to some of your hard-pressed readers! Praying for ya…………..

  2. Susie has to start following her own advice.

    Anyway. Back to the matter at hand.
    Now I can clearly see why my last two relationships ended up so miserably, and why I still pine after the deceased, even though he was a drunk who threw me over for a schizophrenic nurse who tried to kill him with barber’s scissors. He had that effect on people.

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