Reality based

If you’re a long-time reader, you’ll notice that I never identify myself as a “member of the reality-based community.” I don’t like the term, and I don’t agree that there’s such a thing as objective reality — or just one.

Now I have another reason.

To do so is in fact to allow oneself to be subjugated to Capitalist Realism. Yes, it remains crucial that the power elite’s obfuscations, dissimulations and inconsistencies be exposed. But to fight on the terrain laid down by the current Masters of Reality is already to have lost. For the Masters to concede that the current mode of ‘reality’ is only one possible version is to also to accept that new realities not governed by them are possible. And Adam is correct, we should put our efforts into producing those realities, not confine ourselves to reforming the current version.

3 thoughts on “Reality based

  1. This is why I stopped paying on my credits cards.
    Survival is now the art of the possible.

  2. As in, repayment of debts incurred inside realities created by the elite power structure is not longer a part of my response to my reality. Their reality and my reality are no longer compatible.

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